What is Wiwink.

An all-in-one business management platform that optimizes and simplifies your business. A CRM connected to your website and social media. Reduce your costs and increase your sales.

Software for monitoring your whole company.

you choose what you need.

Online Marketing and Social Media

Sales CRM Software

Digital signatures for documents

Email Marketing and Surveys

Marketing control

Customer engagement

Unify your online marketing in a single dashboard, integrating your accounts for Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, Google My Business, etc.. Set up your reports and schedule them to be generated automatically.

Marketing todo en uno
Improve your communication and expand your community with the module Social Post. Program, post, delete and analyze the effectiveness of your Social Media strategies. Don't wait any longer! learn more

Sales CRM

An ERP with every function

Link CRM to your website so that contacts are loaded immediately, do business follow-up, send your quotes quickly, and manage contacts, opportunities, customers, products, suppliers, and tasks ...

Sales CRM Software
Issue personalized invoices, pro forma invoices, and payment confirmations, and include your expenses. Make your SEPA payments or card payments. Integrate your email within the CRM and share documents with the document manager inside and outside your organization. learn more


Customer Engagement

Digital signature integrated with CRM/ERP to automate the sending of documents by email and/or SMS to sign all types of documents from any device.

(contracts, quotes, acceptance of installations, incident resolution, GDPR acceptance, etc.) with simple signature and/or biometric advanced signature options.

Firma digital empresas
Personalize and monitor shipments in a legally compliant manner. Forward automatically. Work as a team. learn more


An ERP with every function

Email marketing and online surveys: two of the most efficient ways to increase the conversion and recurrence of your client contacts. Plan and send sentiment surveys at the end of your processes, confirm the appreciation of your customers at the end of an installation, sale or receive an order. Keep in touch with hard-earned clients to make sure they remain your very best clients.

Planes de fidelización
You will have the best tool to communicate and develop your business without limits. learn more


Wiwink is a digital transformation platform that unifies your Marketing and your website with a CRM/ERP for the automation of your daily processes.

search CRM

Link your website or blog with your CRM Wiwink platform

and load contacts directly into the system, keeping track of each record, minimizing errors and saving time.

social CRM

Link your main online marketing platforms with your CRM

Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google PageSpeed, etc..


Improve your SEO

by tracking Keyword Ranking, Keyword Tool and Google Page Speed. Optimize your strategy!

performance marketing

Focus your campaigns on Performance Marketing

because the only thing that matters is results. Measure ROI correctly by tracking all online conversions.

business intelligence

Intelligence applied to your databases

so that you receive up-to-date analytics and conversion information in your CRM.

business automation


Optimize and simplify time-consuming mechanical tasks.


Constant updates

and in real-time so you do not lose any business data.

customize wink

Adapt Wiwink to your needs

because every company has its priorities.

We already have more than 15,000 users in 8 countries

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