Online marketing agencies.

All-in-one tool for online marketing agencies



Manage the advertising campaigns, SEO plans and Social Media of all your customers from the same place.

Send regular reports to maintain positioning plans and give your team of online marketing consultants the best production tool.


Tráfico posicionamiento SEO

SEO Traffic

Analyze data from one of the most relevant traffic sources in an organic/SEO positioning plan.

Un dashboard específico para controlar los KPI's más importantes del tráfico SEO de todos tus clientes. Sin medición no hay estrategia y todas las métricas de tu panel te ayudarán a no pasar ningún dato importante por alto.

What is your customer conversion rate? What is your cost per conversion? Wink gives you this and much more.

SEO keyword ranking

Control the real-time position of keywords that are essential for your customers. Generate weekly or monthly customized reports for each customer, with the search terms that have been positioned and their evolution.

Wink will tell you why words are positioned and you can also monitor any keyword you wish. Know your ranking on Google, search volume, positioned URL, ...

Ranking palabras clave SEO
Anuncios marketing online

Google Adwords

Which ad or keyword has led to a sale? Easily manage a large number of customer campaigns, improve customer management and grow your agency.

We count each click and monitor it until the end of the purchase process. This allows us to offer you very attractive data that you can report to your customers!

Social Media

Asocia todas las redes sociales de tus clientes y así podrás analizar los KPI's más relevantes de todos sus canales en conjunto. Which channel has the highest ROI in your social media strategy?

Thanks to the reports and analytics of your social media you can compare the performance of platforms, channels, campaigns, publication times and much more.

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Anuncios marketing online

Social Media Management

Manage all the social media channels of your customers in a simple, agile and centralized way.

Save time by maintaining all your social media plans. With automatic post scheduling, you can manage lots of customers at once, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Custom reports

Configure and schedule the reports that your customers will receive. Periodic (weekly, monthly, etc.) progress reports for channels or platforms, ...

Reports that are customized with your logo and automated. Stop wasting time and resources preparing reports every month .

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Inbound marketing

Follow an inbound marketing strategy for your customers and analyze their ROI.

This is the key to the success of online marketing.



You can now fully automate your daily management process. From new contacts, through the management of commercial opportunities, contracts and invoices.

Manage and take advantage of your customers’ data. The scope of the services is decided by you, according to your needs and goals.


Tráfico posicionamiento SEO

CRM linked to your website

You can now have the customers engaged by your sales team and the contacts brought in via your website or social media in one place. Quickly create customer files or contacts..

Avoid losing more data and make your agency information accessible to the members of the company of your choosing.


Acquiring new contacts has never been easier. Wink provides a panel where the contacts brought in from any of your channels will be registered.

Assign them to your sales team and monitor them. This will turn potential clients into real clients for your agency.

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Management of business opportunities

You will conclude many more contracts and sales, because Wink will allow you to sell in a faster, smarter and more organized way. Assign contacts to your business team and monitor negotiations, as well as opportunities won and lost.

Now it is easy to direct your sales team.


Create and manage your products or services to keep your stock under control or quickly invoice the services you offer.

Create custom attributes to classify your products in your preferred manner and in a completely custom way.

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Anuncios marketing online


Easily create invoices with your corporate image. Automatically set up your recurring invoices or create them on the fly. Email them and avoid wasting time.

Monitor the status of your invoices (paid/unpaid, shipping), invoicing schedules and much more.

Document manager

Store your documents and files in the easiest and most accessible way. Make them accessible to specific people in your agency.

Create folders and drag and upload your files in seconds. Organize your documents visually, without any hassle.

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Integrated email accounts

Connect all your email accounts in Wink and access all of them from the same place. In addition to being able to receive and respond to all your communications, you can mark important emails to be assigned to your customers’ records and have total control of all your communications with them.

Client-centric agency

You will know their preferences and be able to meet their real needs. Take the guesswork out of the management of your online marketing campaigns and business data, and do what really makes your business grow.

Quantify the acquisition cost of each new customer and make sure you keep them by providing excellent service.

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