Software installers and technical services

ERP in the Cloud so you have control over the entire life cycle of your jobs.

Transform and digitize your business management to automate and control all tasks and processes performed by your technicians.

Software Instalaciones

The tools you need

to automate your business.

Complete life cycle control

of the facility or job records

Because with Wiwink you have total control from prospecting to completion of your work.

You can also control the details of each installation, set checkpoints, share files, photos, videos and more. Discover it!
ciclo vida instalacion
gestión tecnicos empresa instaladora

Management of technicians

whether internal or external

Because you can have technicians that belong to your organization with access to your Wiwink panel or have external technicians that you will give access to all your jobs through an external control panel or extranet.

Schedule of work

of the facility or job records

All technicians will have a real-time calendar with all scheduled jobs in their daily schedule.

Easily track your projects and share them with your workers. You will all know what the tasks of the day are with the latest updated information.
jobs calendar
software installer

Register the equipment

installed on your site

Record all products or machines installed on your site, so you can know which unit a customer is assigned to for subsequent tracking.

Manage the repairs of each machine, servicing or preventive repairs performed.

Control checklists

to manage the quality and compliance of your jobs

Assign control tasks over the work performed that the technicians or responsible persons must complete.

Start to manage the processes in your jobs, the quality of the jobs and the satisfaction of your customers when the work is finished.
control erp instaladores
documentos instalaciones

Attach photos, videos and documents

Complete the information for your installations or work including all kinds of documents, photos, videos, plans, ... and upload them directly from your mobile or tablet.

Quotations, delivery notes and invoices

Create any documents you need such as quotes, delivery notes, invoices and everything related in your customer files.

The history of each project always classified, accessible in one click and by anyone in your company.
control de tareas
CRM para pymes

CRM for managing your customers

so you do not lose information

You will conclude many more contracts and sales because with Wiwink you will sell in a faster, smarter and more organized way. Assign leads to your business team and monitor negotiations.

Send your contracts to be signed with the electronic signature. Now you can have your sales under control.

Customer Portal

Where they can view the status of your installation, its offers, invoices, quotes and all the documents you want to share.

Installers Portal

With real-time access to your work schedule, you can access the details of your work schedule to complete the necessary tasks.

CRM y Ventas
Annual (50% discount)

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per month
Comprehensive facilities management
Customer Portal
Installers Portal
Facilities (€0.35/unit)

and with the other Wiwink apps

Design your customer journey



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Forms linked via API. Forms with document upload option.
Browse web users and source by campaign.
Dashboard for API-linked forms, effectiveness of completed forms, errors in forms, etc..
Customizable reports with a scheduled sending option.
Adaptable to various Customer Journeys.
Access and permission settings.
Customizable statuses.
Customer portal for sharing all kinds of documents: invoices, contracts,...
Presales simulation with system-loaded products.
Send proposals with mail tracking.
Submission of contracts and documentation for digital signing.
Agenda, tasks and appointments.
Document manager to include photos and videos for the installation.
Customizable customer files linked to the different parts of the platform, which saves notes, tasks, documentation, opportunities, invoices, or incidents on a temporary activity wall in a unified way.
Inventory control with the sending of notices.
Linkable with Support/Customer Service module.
Available API included with a limit of 10,000 requests.
Manage your business


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Legal certainty

Electronic signature

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Digital signature of documentation associated directly from the client’s file: quotes, contracts, installation carried out, etc..
Signature delivery options: simple, advanced biometric and certified. Double-check sending option.
Integration of signed documents into the customer’s file.
Scheduled resending of documentation pending signature.
Customizable, signed documentation tracking reports with scheduled submission capability.
Available API included with a limit of 10,000 requests.
Ability to link simple surveys after each installation.
Send email marketing with customer segmentation by tags to continue the customer life cycle.
Customizable reports with a scheduled sending option.
API-linkable forms. Also bulk database import using CSV.
Repeat customers

Customer loyalty

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