With the Wiwink survey app, you can conduct market research, employee surveys or client satisfaction surveys when you finish a process, service, sale or simply resolve an issue from Support. This will provide you with valuable data about the perception they have of your company, staff, products or services.

Perform simple or advanced

segmentation for shipping

The submission option allows basic segmentation with filters by clients, sources, countries, sectors, users and date and is complemented by clicking on advanced filters from where advanced segmentation is possible by working with labels, company groups, provinces, postal codes and cities to send surveys.
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Find out what your

clients think

Evaluate your brand, workers, services or products. Get to know your clients better by sending a survey when they complete a purchase, complete an installation, use your company's facilities or resolve an incident, and you can schedule it from CRM. Be informed of problems as they arise so you can solve them before they become a big problem.

Repeat the survey after a few months and update the data because the first impression may be good but after a while your customers may have changed their minds. Respond quickly with strategic decisions to address the issues facing your business. Analyze segments and adjust your strategy. Leverage the benefits of client sentiment analysis.

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