How it works

the digital signature of documents

firma documentos online

Simple and fast

Simplify your administrative tasks. Save time and money by sending documents to sign online from our Wiwink platform so that your customers or providers sign the documentation that you need in minutes.

In just 2 steps and with all the legal guarantees.

Digital signature + CRM

You can contract only the online signature or linked to CRM to associate the signatures of documents to your customer files.

In both cases you can customize the shipments with your logo, monitor the status of your sent documents, document management and send documents for simple and biometric signature, generating a unique probative document with legal validity.

Add to the signature the verification option through Advanced Authentication by SMS.
CRM con firma electronica

Types of digital signatures

firma electronica simple

Plain signature

Sending documents to sign by simple acceptance of the signatory with supporting document.

Online signature that does not require a line drawn by the signatory, but the agreement of the signatory through explicit acceptance by marking the acceptance box (check) of the content of a document or contract to be signed.

firma digital biometrica

Biometric Advanced Signature

Sending documents for digital signature securely with advanced authentication, biometric signature and evidential documentation.

Online signature by line drawn by the signatory that collects the online platform, being embedded in the document or contract to be signed.