Digital signature benefits

simple, fast and legally valid

firma documentos online

Why should you use the digital signature?

Speed and agility.
Legal validity.
Security, integrity and privacy.
Customize the sending of your documents.
Includes a document manager.
Monitor your shipments.
Proof document: generates a probative document collecting the digital evidence generated during the signing process.
Linked to CRM.


The platform defines 2 types of digital signatures: Simple and Advanced.

Digitally signed documents and contracts have, according to the Civil Code, European regulations and the main international regulations, legal validity when it is possible to demonstrate consent between the parties linked to the document or contract by digital signature, complying with the following requirements:

There must be the will or consent of the parties (articles 1,262 to 1,270).
There must be a contractual purpose or objective (articles 1,271 to 1,273).
It must be based on a lawful cause (article 1,274 to 1,277).
Seguridad firma digital