Manage your business bookings

An intelligent, easy-to-use appointment booking system with a wide range of customization options. A modular solution that adapts to your organization's needs.

For service-based companies.

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Integrate it into your website

Install the free Wordpress Bookly plugin on your website and it will only define your services and the availability of your staff. You will have both new and old customers making bookings at any time.

CRM y Ventas

Accept online bookings

Integrate your own mobile-optimized booking website.

Accept online bookings

Accept online payments and prepayments through a variety of payment platforms such as PayPal, Stripe and more.

API integration

Use our API to create your own custom integrations.

and also ...

Manage a unified view of the customer

with Wiwink's CRM

Create a unified view of the customer. Use it to create personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

control de tareas

Customer loyalty

Transform the way your team defines productivity and keep your agents performing at their best.

and with the other Wiwink apps

Design your customer journey



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Forms linked via API. Forms with document upload option.
Browse web users and source by campaign.
Dashboard for API-linked forms, effectiveness of completed forms, errors in forms, etc..
Customizable reports with a scheduled sending option.
Adaptable to various Customer Journeys.
Access and permission settings.
Customizable statuses.
Customer portal for sharing all kinds of documents: invoices, contracts,...
Presales simulation with system-loaded products.
Send proposals with mail tracking.
Submission of contracts and documentation for digital signing.
Agenda, tasks and appointments.
Document manager to include photos and videos, ...
Customizable customer files linked to the different parts of the platform, which saves notes, tasks, documentation, opportunities, invoices, or incidents on a temporary activity wall in a unified way.
Inventory control with the sending of notices.
Linkable with Support/Customer Service module.
Available API included with a limit of 10,000 requests.
Manage your business


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Legal certainty

Electronic signature

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Digital signature of documentation associated directly from the client's file: quotes, contracts, etc..
Signature delivery options: simple, advanced biometric and certified. Double-check sending option.
Integration of signed documents into the customer's file.
Scheduled resending of documentation pending signature.
Customizable, signed documentation tracking reports with scheduled submission capability.
Available API included with a limit of 10,000 requests.
Ability to link to simple or sentiment surveys.
Send email marketing with customer segmentation by tags to continue the customer life cycle.
Customizable reports with a scheduled sending option.
API-linkable forms. Also bulk database import using CSV.
Repeat customers

Customer loyalty

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