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Using a tool that allows you to monitor your search engine positioning (SEO) is essential when knowing the keywords that are necessary for your Web page to be well positioned in the ranking of search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

With SEO tools, you can improve your website's results,, allowing you to save both work and money.

The keyword ranking reports , keep you informed of the performance of your search engine traffic, what words you have in the TOP10, their evolution, and their volume of searches...

To position your website and track it correctly, you must make use of the best tools at your fingertips. You are interested in measuring the impact social media posts have, the speed at which the website is loaded, the study of keywords, what external links it has and whether these will be useful to users. In conclusion, it is important to use tools that will allow you to improve SEO, facilitating your Web positioning strategy.

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Search engine optimization allows you to increase the generation of qualified traffic to your website. This process aims to obtain high positions in search engine rankings for a set of specific keywords.

This means that when a user enters a certain keyword or keywords in any of the different search engines, the results returned show a list of websites including that keyword.

Reaching the top positions on Google is of vital importance, as studies show that users rarely go beyond the second page of results, that is to say the first 20 results.

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