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Easy-to-use, legally binding digital signature solution to quickly sign your contracts or any document instantly.

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What can you do with eSignature?

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Firma digital
Doble verificación SMS (opcional)
Posibilidad de adjuntar documentos
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Recordatorios y notificaciones
Envío por SMS (opcional)
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Sign your contracts


Send your documents to be signed instantly and securely.
Confidential quotes, contracts and agreements, ...
The simplest and most reliable electronic signature solution.
Signatures can be applied from any device.
The signatory will receive a copy of the documents instantly.
Sends signed copies to third parties by email.

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digital signature

What types of electronic signatures do we offer?

firma electronica simple

Simple signature

Sign with an acceptance check or by entering a PIN sent via SMS.
  • Very easy to use
  • It has probative value
  • It does not allow the signer to be uniquely identified
  • You do not need to have your own digital certificate
Firma avanzada con biometría

Advanced signature with biometrics

Biometric signature made with a stroke (like a stroke made on paper).
  • Very easy to use
  • It has probative value
  • It does not allow the signer to be uniquely identified
  • You do not need to have your own digital certificate

How does the electronic signature work in Wiwink?

linked with

our CRM

+ Sales software

Tracking of signatures from your customer files.

Sending signatures from the document manager.

Notifications, reminders, and forwarding.

Control Dashboard.

documentos seguros firma online

Legal guarantees

Wiwink offers maximum legal certainty by incorporating the following guarantees into its processes:

Evidence document: our electronic signature services Incorporate a maximum guarantee of traceability, as they include an evidence document that provides proof of the electronic confirmations generated during the signature process.

Certified electronic delivery: certifies the integrity and delivery of electronic communications (emails/SMS) and attachments using a certified electronic delivery solution.

Legality: In Spain, to be a provider of trusted electronic services you must be certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a qualified provider of trusted electronic services (if you have your own stamp such as those issued by the FNMT) or as unqualified provider (if you use the seal of a qualified provider such as FNMT, the Bank of Spain, Santander or Wiwink) Wiwink is certified as a trusted electronic service provider and its services are legal and can be used in any EU member state.

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